We understand the value our clients place in their employees. We also realize that every client is different and has their own unique training needs. So why do so many companies continue to send their staff on generic training courses that don't provide any long term value to the company or the employee?

At the Mason Clark Group we have created a series of training courses that will meet your every training need from the absolute novice project manager to the consummate project management whiz. Through our desire to be your last ever project management training provider, we like to take the time to meet with you to discuss your training needs so we can customize each training session to reflect scenarios that occur in your environment. As we think it's only reasonable to be taught by someone with the real life experience, all of our training courses are taught by Project Management Professional® (PMP) certified instructors that have at least ten years hands on project management experience. After all, would you trust your health to a doctor that hadn't gone to medical school?

Each of our courses utilize a combination of lectures, exercises and case studies to teach the participants the fundamentals of each course and to ensure maximum retention for future project success.

Training courses available:

If you don't see a specific training course you are looking for, please call us as we are always developing additional courses.

PMP is a registered trade mark of the Project Management Institute.